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Once again we were the pioneers in Russian radio here in Sacramento. It is
obvious that normal “rating systems’ do not work in evaluating the stations or
individual shows. Ethnic Russian immigrants are relentless about rebuilding their lives to a
higher standard than the one they led in the country of origin. As a result, many of
these immigrants have attained a high degree of success in their respective fields:
medical, legal, business, research, computer programming, real estate and

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It is very common for the first few generations of immigrants that one’s
“native language” is used almost exclusively in the home, their place of worship,
medical practices, and immigrant owned companies. As we stated before; simple
translation just doesn’t get the “real meaning and feeling” of the message across.

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Today, North America is home to over 5 m

Today, North America is home to over 5 million Ethnic Russians, with 150 thousand residing in the Greater Sacramento area.